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Slayers 4 the Future

Slayers 4 the Future

The new wind leaves my heart trembling
Bitter memories come to mind however
For the sake of change I keep running without reason
The tears and pain of today bring tomorrow's treasure

Everyone calls upon their dreams
The sword of my heart comes to be
Like the darkness reality
is only a bright sensation I'll destroy it

Get on running running running on
Wow fighting fighting fighting road
Inside the storm the wind blows violently
This period won't last without the strength it seeks

Morning noon and night
Wow fighting fighting fighting road
You can't ignore such an important thing
Protect with your strength
Ready Go You're Slayers

To take a step into the future's time is lovely however
A scene without defeat is a certain case
That is surely justice

I'll add to an old looking map
The journey of truth begins
To find my true appearance I'll wander everywhere
Until I know where to go

Keep on shining, shining, shining on
Wow fighting fighting fighting road
Without a method or language
Right now forget the difference and end it

Past present and future
Wow fighting fighting fighting road
This road leads to the destination
Undefeated memories lead to emptiness

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