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Senjyo no madonna

Senjyo no madonna

Pouring strained stress relentlessly
I can't see any thing It's a battlefield
This is a present given from universal era
I'm moved to tears with joy

What's more is it risky Collusion with adequate happiness
Every thing will be in the veil if we go as it is

Wake up Lonely soldiers
Don't be afraid and show me your bravery
If you injured and down I will guard you
As we want to alive on with 100 power
We are the one

More accumulated frustration than my savings
I want to deposit it to a Bank
Competitive society will compose a syndrome
Which direction should I throw away this

I forced to encourage my self for the time being
Your emptiness spirits have reached your limit

Wake up Sincere solders
Shout out no You don't like
Even if all of your surroundings become your enemy
I will protect you
Because I want to live with you for same a split second
We are the one

There are many loves which have many look
But the love is the last present without any shape

Wake up distress soldiers 
Please show me your smile once more
Yes I will give you my life for your smile
Important moments as we want to live for ever
We are the one

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