R BtEl J


The inside of my heart is full of affection 
That I wanna react to
I wanna slowly initiate the honest me
In my stance the change has started
The process of my love starts to move
And awkwardly pushes against my back</p>

For some reason or another
Every day that came to pass was noisy
The laughter with our friends echoes and
Everytime just as I notice I am close to this one guy
I pretend not to see my own heart so I tell lies 

The inside of my heart is full of affection
Although if I have a little further to go
I'll catch enough nerve
Such a problem I'm poor at pretenses
And with a lack in experience I'm not docile
I wanna discover the process of my love

Involuntarily we cross glances
Becoming confused, I turned away
I can't throw this opportunity away
To have an understanding with him 
But this guy isn't concerned he's thick-headed 
Thus doing it perfectly in a stylish place

You don't need to speak a single word aloud
I'm deceiving him
What will I do

I wanna do affections that rock you 
If I can convey this
But grow accustomed to comfort 
The inside of my heart is full of affection
Change your frown to the smiling face 
You first showed me, and you'll try to hand it over
Little by little, but just a bit
Cause I wanna go forward
This is the truth of my process of love</p>