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More Than Words

More Than Words

I used to love it looking up at the sky alone
in the middle of the night reminiscing.
I was young more stubborn than anyone
and iced over with pride Something about me was strange

When I close my eyes I can see
that person I used to be who kept his heart so closed
fading away into the distance

I was so lonely but now
I have so many friends here that never make fun of me
or even have to force a smile
Ahh, dear friends forever

I would laugh at things like friendship
dreams and beauty and when we would meet
in a casual encounter I'd keep refusing to come with you
That's just the way I used to be

In this cold unmoving body I feel my heart
becoming warmer Does this feeling mean
someone's becoming precious to me

I believe your everything from now on
Since you can live so carefree with me who can't even
say a simple thing like thank you friends like that
is not bad at all Ahh dear friends forever

I'll never say goodbye to my friends
Because I'll make our dreams come true
This is the real me dear friends forever
You who snapped me out of it dear my friends forever