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Due to the Hype of Megumi's new album "Duo", which features many of her old anime classics and collaboration songs with other artists Starchild records pulled down almost all Slayers music links. After awhile the hype of the new album will die down and the videos will likely be permitted for upload again. At that time I will repair the links with new videos. Please do not report broken videos for Slayers music, as I am aware they are broken. If other videos on the site have issue, please continue to report them.

A skilled rival conceals her claws


Ame no far away

Anata wa takago

Brave souls


But But But

Datte koi shitara

Don't be discouraged

Exit running

Fair wind

Feel well

Front breaking

Get along

Give a reason

Gloria Kimi ni todoketai

Going history

Good Luck!


I & Myself

In this arm

jama wa sasenai

Just be conscious

Kagirinai yokubou no naka ni

Kono sekai no doko ka de


Majime-na kikkae

Meet again

Midnight blue

More than words

Naked mind


Nemurenai yoru wa

Never die

Never never give up

Niji no you ni

Only lonely soldier

Otome no inori

Pink typhoon

Plenty of grit

Power of infinity


Raging waves



Rumba rumba

Run all the way

Saikou no gamble


Sekai ichiban no victory

Senjyo no madonna

Shakunetsu no koi

Shining girl

Slayers 4 the future

So in the world


Stand up!


Take your courage

Touch yourself

Uso no nai game Set me free

Waru bad blood

We are

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